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Youth Perfection
Perfecting Day & Night Cream. Natural Youth Protection concentrate.

The latest development of the Bergman Beauty Care line is Youth Perfection.
Suitable for all skin types, especially for younger skin, looking for a fast-absorbing, ultra-light day and night care.
Youth Perfection has a soothing and protective effect with long lasting hydration. Controlling irritation to skin damage. Protects the skin and gives a radiant and vital shine.

NEW: Multi Task

Multi Task Multi Benefits Day & Nìght Cream

This multi-active formula provides a simultaneous effect on the first signs of ageing.

Multi Task is quickly absorbed, has a matt effect and gives the skin a youthful appearance. 


A Total Beauty Concept

Bergman Online ShopThe skin's ageing process

There are a number of reasons why we develop wrinkles as the years go by. Internal factors (heredity, stress, lack of sleep, unhealthy life style, etc.) and external factors (improper or inadequate care, UV radiation, air
pollution, central heating, air conditioning, cold, etc.) influence the skin's ageing process. The skin undergoes possible and invisible changes. Invisible ageing leads to reduced resistance and a slackening in the cell renewal process. Visible ageing causes wrinkles and elasticity loss.

The Bergman Beauty Care system

Bergman Beauty Care takes all these factors that influence our skin condition into account. A system, consisting of five product groups, has been developed for this:
The five productgroups:

  • Cleansing Care
  • Skin Care
  • Special Care
  • Body Care
  • Recovery Care

Bergman Online ShopHow does the Berman Beauty Care system work?

Step 1: the Bergman Beauty Care system consists of 1 or 2 products from the Cleansing Care product group used to cleanse the skin.

Step 2: the Bergman Beauty Care system consists of a cream from the Skin Care product group personally recommended for you.

Step 3: the Special Care product group consists of various masks to support daily skin care.

Step 4: Body Care is used to bring and maintain the entire body in top condition.

Step 5: Recovery Care is specially developed for use after cosmetic surgery or for the treatment of specific skin conditions. The basis of the Bergman Beauty Care system is a thorough cleansing of the skin, since only clean skin can properly absorb the ingredients of the exclusive products. You can also choose from four sophisticated and extremely active product groups. This means that each skin type and each skin condition receives the best possible care with the Bergman Beauty Care products.

Bergman Online ShopTailor-made care

Bergman Beauty Care is available exclusively at the better beauty salons and specialised perfumeries. These specialists receive intensive training at the Bergman Beauty Care training centre. Their knowledge ensures that you receive thorough tailor-made advice. This is important, because it is the only way you can be sure that you are using the Bergman Beauty Care products, which are perfectly attuned to the specific requirements of your skin type and skin condition. The best proof of the unparalleled effectiveness of the products is your skin, which glows as never before.

Beta Glucan

Bergman Beauty Care's exclusive active ingredient Beta Glucan is the basic ingredient in virtually all the products in the Bergman Beauty Care line. Beta Glucan is a biological ingredient (polysaccharide), derived from the fermentation process of yeast. Glucan has a unique molecular structure that corresponds perfectly with the skins own molecules. With its spectacular qualities, Glucan can justifiably be called revolutionary.

After extensive research, Glucan has indisputably been proven to:

  • activates the immune system and destroys the free radicals
  • protect against oxidative stress caused by UV-A radiation
  • increases the activity of keratinocytes and langerhans cells, to prevent wrinkles
  • restore skin functions
  • promote cell renewal
  • improve the skin's own repair mechanism
  • maintain moisture content
  • exhibit wound-healing properties
  • relieve skin irritations

Bergman Online ShopEffective formula

Aside from Glucan, the various creams also contain a large number of other effective ingredients such as vitamin E (important antioxidant) and vitamin F (an essential fatty acid that maintains the skin's moisture content). The well-known anti-wrinkle ingredient Retinol (vitamin A) is also present in abundance. The silky emulsions nourish, protect and improve the moisture level, and serve a preventive function by retarding the ageing process.

Luxury and opulence for the skin

Bergman Beauty Care is a compact yet complete skin care line. All the products contain many valuable ingredients, offering the most effective solutions for every skin type. The super-luxurious and sophisticated packaging lends a particularly chic and exclusive aura to the products.  


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